I don't have time to cast a circle and perform a full-fledged spell every time I write a post on WordPress.
WordPress is no longer working for me. It won't publish my posts. No one is on Blogger. I like a blog site where I can post and share. That's Tumblr. I can blog and share my photography there. I can share other's posts. I'm not jumping back and forth between WordPress and Blogger. I'm on Tumblr.

Moved back here from WordPress

Not because I wanted to, because WordPress is misbehaving.

I can't publish a new post on WP without saving it in a Word document, restarting my laptop, and copying the content from the Word document into WP.

I know that doesn't make sense, and maybe I'm the only person experiencing this problem, but it started with the last WP update. I'm tired of jumping through hoops to get a blog post published. Until WP fixes their problem, I'm back on this blog. I'll try to post the same content I post here on WP if WP will let me.

Frustratedly yours,


WIP Excerpt

(WIP excerpt. ©Robin D. Ashe 2017)

After my grandfather’s death, I took the stepladder from its place on the garage wall. Up in the rafters, I found old bottles with dead flower bouquets and a wooden box. I took everything, replaced the ladder, and swept away my footprints in the pea stones. My grandmother was still alive, and my aunt might take anything out of the house or any other building on the property.

            It was a rough handmade box, like something my grandfather carved before he became an apprentice woodworker. There were newspaper clippings, photos, and a postcard. A woman stood at what seemed to be the edge of a cliff, with little boys surrounding her knees. Someone had written Morton in shaky pencil over one dark-haired boy's head. I touched the name. Most heartbreaking, someone had scratched out the face of my great-grandmother, probably, I thought, my great-grandfather’s second wife, after my great-grandmother died in childbirth. There were no o…